How to Add DMCA Badge In Site For Getting Free Backlink

By | March 22, 2020

Add DMCA Badge In Your Sites

Add Dmca Badge :- Includes DMCA badge in your site – If you need to include DMCA badge in your site then you have now given strides to include DMCA badge in your site.

By using this you will get backlink from DMCA which is high DA and PA.

DMCA Badge

The DMCA is the main online network that gives its customers the opportunity to work for free by incorporating security identities that cause them to cheat content when they try to duplicate.

Add the DMCA badge to your site

You can add a DMCA security badge to your blog to discourage content offenders and secure your substance. When they try to duplicate your substance, it will cause the content to be spoofed.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law that regulates copyrighted works. The DMCA aims to ensure the privilege of protected innovation on the web.

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Why include the DMCA badge in your site

  • If your substance has been taken, record the DMCA Takedown.
  • You will get Free Backlink for your site
  • Screen your pages through’s secure portal.
  • Obtain Security Status Certificate to prevent content theft.
  • The intention of the professional is to perform a DMCA takedown, check for duplicates of your substance, find out who is scamming you and many more.

The most effective way to add the DMCA badge to your site

Follow these simple strides to add DMCA badges to your site and guarantee that your site’s assurance is effective and quick. Is here

Go to the DMCA website and snap on the join

  • You will get three options – Click on Get Free Badge
  • Currently you select the type of badge to include your website.
  • Enter your name and email address and snap when currently joining.
  • Currently you just have to add the embed code to your website using or without plugin.
  • Use the methods below to include the implant code in your site.

Include the DMCA badge in your site without a plugin

Despite the fact that there is a WordPress DMCA plugin that allows you to present an insurance identity on your site, however I would not recommend you start a module to include only an identity where you can do so by including a gadget Can.

Include a book gadget in your blog sidebar / footer and glue the code there. (Brisk Guide: Click on WordPress> Appearance> Widget> Arbitrary content or HTML> Paste the code> Add it to the sidebar / footer).

Include the DMCA badge in your site with the plugin

The Protection Module for WordPress allows you to easily incorporate‘s page security identity into your WordPress site.

  1. Click here  to start the DMCA plugin
  2. Establish and enact it
  3. Once introduced and enacted, you can use the DMCA Protection Badge page in your Dashboard Settings menu to determine how your identity decision should be shown in the post and page.
  4. Similarly you can decide to show your identified site using DMCA badge widget.

Each page that carries the DMCA security badge will consequently be added to your list of confirmed pages.

With the DMCA Protection Badge, the new website pages are identified in a separate second within 24 hours by splitting the DMCA Protection badge on your site page, and by splitting it into a secure DMCA Protection Portal Protected Page List.

Putting the Protection Badge on your site’s page triggers the creep / order setting so that it can check your page.

The most effective way to confirm you is to include the DMCA badge in your site.

When the security identification code has been placed on your site / pages, click on the identity to confirm the connection to your website certificate’s work.

This is the first time when you click on Identity the website certificate will return with a mistake message and status “inaccessible”. Anyway basically snap (and hit f5) on your site page once and snap the security identity.

Your website certificate will remain “inaccessible” if the security badge cannot do with the security crawler.

  1. Go to page
  2. Parse the source code of that page
  3. find an identity on the page
  4. Get an HTTP 200 response from your site

A device like Fetch as Google for Lokesh can be used to test whether the Protection Badge Security Crawler can find the identification codes set on your site.

– Put a website page URL in the Google crawler utility where the identity HTML is included (or should be included)

– Click Submit Submit, you should see the result of your page how it will look to Google’s site crawler. This can be used to test whether your site server is responding with the correct header and substance.

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