Top 5 Apps To Manage Multiple Accounts In Android

By | March 21, 2020

Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

Android app to manage multiple accounts in Android – It is not simple in every case for an Android client to deal with different records on a single gadget.

Many records, obviously, require on the off chance that you are viewing increasingly complex assignments on your gadget, although not all Android applications offer the possibility of overseeing more than one record.

Until further notice, we can just use the solitary record on our favorite informal organizations and information applications.

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In any event, when we have two SIM cards on a double SIM card telephone, it is absurd to expect to enroll and use two specific WhatsApp accounts, Facebook accounts, WeChat accounts or even Clash of Clans accounts.

On the off chance that you have no clue how to use multiple accounts of the same app in a single device at that time, do check this post.

Application to manage multiple accounts

Except if obviously you use one of the applications coming together. With these applications, you do not need to sign all through your records and can only effectively switch between accounts with one to two taps. So are the best Android apps to manage multiple accounts.

1. Parallel Space multiple accounts on the same device

Parallel Space allows you to switch between two systems or record on a solitary Android gadget with just one tap.

With this, you can login to two different social or correspondence accounts on the same gadget. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat or more. Exchange accounts require only one tap.

Best application to manage multiple accounts


  • Consume only 2 MB of space in your telephone memory
  • Allows you to share different photos / recordings to different records
  • Permission to open two gaming accounts one after the other
  • ¬†In relation to your safety

Cons: Despite being a gen-next innovation for Android, parallel space is not remaining on the web on two records at the same time.

This additionally causes some batteries to leak for the first time after installation, yet it depletes after a few days. Additionally be careful about similarity issues with applications that prevent some applications.

2. 2Accounts – Apps for managing multiple accounts

2Accounts is explicitly developed to enter two IM, gaming or informal organization accounts. Like Parallel Space, it lets you login to two systems or records on a solitary Android gadget.

Just tap to switch between accounts, without marking in and out. It bolts the most accessible systems such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, WeChat, and beyond.

Manage multiple Accounts


  • Isolated, after identical storage for two records
  • Supports 99% of the top games recorded in the Play Store
  • Gatekeepers protect your record data
  • You get a few moments to freshen up

Cons: 2Accounts can skip a portion of the warning, even if the application is open. To make a similar interpretation, WhatsApp has to face some issues such as the postponement of messages over a period of time. Also, hardly anyone knows of its ‘access access’ consent.

3. Application Cloner – Application to manage multiple accounts

Application Cloner lets you create application clones of your current applications, so allows you to use different (not just two) systems or records.

Cloned applications run with the first one, so in any event your information is guarded when the first application is refreshed.

Application Cloner enhances individual logins for well-known mutual organizations including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and so on, and provides fluctuating customization options for cloned applications.

APP CLONNER - manage multiple accounts


  • Allows you to switch between certain records
  • Changing shedding and cloned application name
  • It is proposed to add secret phrase security to the cloned application
  • Comeon you clear the shop on auto start and exit

Cons: Its disadvantage in any case is the lack of help for a couple of famous IM stages such as the great application WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Additionally, one cannot sign into Google Play from a cloned application due to a security authentication issue.

4. CM AppClone

CM AppClone is intended to offer equal access to many long-distance mutual communication and information accounts.

With a single tap, one can switch accounts and receive synchronous notices for each single message from the entirety of their individual records.

CM AppClone Forester conflicts between applications, giving separate additional room for each record or clone application.

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Cm app clone


  • Creates effective and fast sub-accounts
  • Gives smooth and easy access with zero issues
  • Allows account change from notice bar
  • Supports various records for a wide range of uses

Cons: Unfortunately, CM AppClone does not extend to a couple of chosen Android devices. Now and again using various records with this application it causes portable slacks and application crashes.

5. Zapier

Similar to the case with 2Accounts, Zapier is an application that lets you deal with various client accounts on your Android gadget.

This is a standout among other Android apps for managing other accounts

On Android, Zapier offers you the option to include new customer accounts in both versatile and web applications.

Zapier app clonner

Zapier comes with a tool to computerize your records, which is convenient in the event that you need to collect all the dates from a few records to a date.

Zappier interface with over 500 applications. Another extraordinary component is that Japier can duplicate data from one record to another.

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